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Clinical cases

Clinical case: Colon cancer with liver metastases

CLINICAL CASE 1: • LIVER METASTASES • CHEMOTHERAPY + ONCOTHERMIA A 63-year-old male presented an ascending colon neoplasm in November 2016. Right hemicolectomy is performed. The biopsy shows infiltrating adenocarcinoma. In January 2017, CEA was elevated and the CT showed...

Clinical case: Breast cancer

CLINICAL CASE 2: • BREAST CANCER • CHEMOTHERAPY + ONCOTHERMIA A 51-year-old woman presented May 2016 infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the left breast. Magnetic resonance shows multiple and extensive confluent irregular foci, forming a mass of 79 mm x 52 mm x 58 mm that extends to...

Clinical case: breast cancer treated with Oncothermia and surgery

CLINICAL CASE 3: • BREAST CANCER • ONCOTHERMIA+ SURGERY A 41-year-old woman presented in June 2015 a palpable mass in the right breast of 9.3 mm. The biopsy in November 2015 shows infiltrating carcinoma. The patient, due to physical deterioration secondary to intermittent...

Clinical cancer: pancreas cancer

CLINICAL CASE 4: • PANCREAS CANCER • CHEMOTHERAPY + ONCOTHERMIA + RADIOTHERAPY A 72-year-old woman had in March 2017 a 4 cm tumor in the neck of the pancreas. The biopsy shows adenocarcinoma. It can not be surgically resected and starts chemotherapy with Folfirinox plus 10...

Clinical case: brain tumor, glioblastoma

CLINICAL CASE 5: • BRAIN TUMOR (GLIOBLASTOMA) • CHEMOTHERAPY + ONCOTHERMIA A 60-year-old male presented a brain tumor in the left hemisphere in April 2016, showing the biopsy a high-grade glioblastoma multiforme inoperable by size. In July 2016 begins radiotherapy and...

Clinical case: rectal cancer

CLINICAL CASE 6: • RECTAL CANCER • ONCOTHERMIA + SURGERY A 67-year-old male diagnosed with rectum adenocarcinoma in February 2018 presented a tumor 6 cm from the anal margin, which occupies a third of the intestinal lumen. The ecography shows affectation of the serosa, being...