Tongue cancer

Tongue cancer is a type of cancer that originates mainly in the tissues of the tongue. It can affect both the front (oral tongue) and the back (tongue base) and can be of different types, such as squamous cell carcinoma, warty carcinoma and other less common but possible occurrences. Treatment of this type of cancer may involve surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, depending on the type and stage of the cancer. Early detection of this cancer is crucial to improve patient survival rates and may involve regular physical examinations, endoscopies and tissue biopsies. Oncothermia may be a complementary option to help fight tongue cancer. In this type of cancer, as in any other, it must be taken into account that each treatment must always be recommended and supervised by a professional.

Cáncer de lengua

Treatment with radiotherapie

Cáncer de lengua

Treatment with Oncothermie


Squamous carcinoma at the base of the tongue with cervical lymph nodes. Classification: T3N2M0 (G2).


46-year-old man.


Trimodal treatment was applied: Radiotherapy 61 Gy, Chemotherapy (Cisplatin 5FU) and Oncothermia 60 min / day, 2 times / week.


Complete remission.


Prof. Dr. Clifford LK Pang


Hospital Clifford, Guangzhou, China