Oncothermia treatment compatible with radiotherapy

Sensitize with radiotherapy

Oncothermia  is totally compatible with radiotherapy, but it is not only compatible, it is also increases the susceptibility of tumours to radiotherapy, as the former has a radiosensitising potential. The addition of oncothermia improves relevant clinical endpoints such as response rate, local control and overall survival. It increases oxygenation, reducing hypoxia (lack of cellular oxygen) and amplifies the cytotoxic effect of radiation. Oncothermia also repairs cell damage caused by radiation. Moreover, it does not present additional toxicities and may be a promising alternative for elderly and/or frail patients.

The heterogeneous heating treatment produced by Oncothermia on selected malignant cells enhances the action of radiotherapy treatment. Oncology patients can receive Oncothermia treatment in irradiated tissues in a safe and effective way. It enhances the action of radiotherapy treatment and can be performed before and after radiotherapy treatment. This treatment is compatible with others such as Surgery, Oncothermia chemotherapy and intravenous vitamin C.