What is Oncothermia or Nanothermia?


Oncological Nanothermia or Oncothermia is a method of Electromagnetic non-invasive modulated hyperthermia , adjuvant in the treatment against cancer, which promotes a natural regulatory process of the body. The brand Oncotherm® was founded in 1988 by Professor Dr. András Szász, as an initiative for the development and research of the electro-hyperthermia method in the treatment of cancer.


Oncothermia, unlike conventional hyperthermia, produces an absolute increase in the temperature of the deep layers of the tissue. In addition combines the action of the modulated electric field (frequency of 13.56MHz), generated by two active electrodes. This electric field allows an absorption of energy in the extracellular fluid (ECM), and the imbalance and destructuring of the membrane of the cancer cells achieving important effects at only 38ºC.


Oncothermia is indicated in : Primary tumors (liver, bone, kidney, lung, gastrointestinal, prostate, bladder, rectum …), Brain Tumors, Gynecological Tumors (breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix), Metastasis, Lymphomas and Melanomas.


Oncothermia has partial contraindications : pacemaker, electronic implant, metal prosthesis, pregnant women, transplant patients, suppressed immunity, open wounds or physical sensitivity deficit in the area to be treated.

Scheme of the treatment

The electric field produced by the two electrodes crosses the patient through the areas of higher conductivity and is absorbed only by the tumor tissue.

Barcelona Oncothermia Unit

n the Oncothermia Barcelona Unit, we have the Oncothermia EHY-2000, the latest model of the Oncotherm® brand.


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