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Oncological Nanothermia or Oncothermia is a non-invasive method of modulated electromagnetic hyperthermia, an adjuvant in the treatment of cancer. This treatment promotes a natural regulatory process in the body.

As the number of cancer cases is steadily increasing worldwide, new procedures are needed that are adapted to the patient and support conventional cancer treatments. Oncothermia is an effective complementary and adjuvant treatment to conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Moreover, it has no significant adverse effects.


In 1988 Professor Dr. András Szász founded the Oncotherm® brand. This was an initiative for the development and research of the electro-hyperthermia method in the treatment of cancer.

Worldwide presence

It is important to mention that Oncotherm® treatment started in Germany 25 years ago. Since then, it has been used in more than 25 countries. Indeed, more than 200,000 treatments are performed every year all over the world. In Germany alone, there are teams in 4 hospitals. And it works effectively in more than 50 clinics. For more information, please see our blog.

Many cancer specialists and institutions know and accept Oncothermia as a complementary treatment. Proof of this is that there are currently numerous clinical and observational studies in European hospitals, with proven and published results.

If you wish, you can consult some clinical studies on the Oncothermia Journal website.

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