Clinical case: breast cancer treated with Oncothermia and surgery



A 41-year-old woman presented in June 2015 a palpable mass in the right breast of 9.3 mm. The biopsy in November 2015 shows infiltrating carcinoma. The patient, due to physical deterioration secondary to intermittent diarrhea of ​​8 years of evolution and phobia of aggressive medical treatments, decides not to do anything and returns to control it in October 2016 by magnetic resonance, whose result shows compatible image with neoformative infiltrating lobular process with nodular component of 16 mm x 9 mm and possible extension in the shape of the dough, reaching about 5 cm in diameter. The patient decides to treat with oncothermia and begins treatment in November 2016: 15 sessions of oncothermia of 1 hour. In February 2017, magnetic resonance was performed, showing a complete disappearance of the mass enhancement and a slight decrease in the nodular component: 15 mm x 8 mm. The patient decides to do nothing and check if there is growth by magnetic resonance every 6 months. Last resonance of July 2018, shows radiological stability and finally decides to undergo surgery to remove the tumor.