Contraindications in the treatment of Oncothermia.

Contraindications for Oncothermia include the following situations:

There are contraindications in the following cases:

  • Transplant patients, or patients with suppressed immunity
  • Pregnant women.
  • Unconscious patients, without physical sensitivity, or under the effects of anesthesia in the area to be applied.

And among the partial contraindications are:

  • Patient with a pacemaker, or any electronic implant, such as a brain stimulator, implanted hearing aid, or implanted erection stimulator …If patient has a metal prosthesis or metal reservoir (Port-a-Cath) near the application area. In this case, the treatment will be carried out respecting a margin of safety or through the protocol indicated by the doctor.

  • Patients with open wounds, in the area to be applied.

  • Such patients who have areas with accumulation of fluids such as ascites, effusions, or pleural fluid, the volume of fluid will be valuated.

  • Patients with silicone implants.

  • Patients with epilepsy, they require special care and protocol.


The Oncothermia protocols usually recommend carrying out 2 to 3 sessions a week, leaving a day off between them, up to a total of 10 sessions, coinciding with the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, until the first evaluation.

The time of each session usually ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half, depending on the pathology of the patient.

It is recommended at least 1 month and a half after the last application of the Oncothermia treatment, to verify the result in medical imaging tests. Also its important to controlling the tumor markers progressively, until the imaging test.


To optimize the results, it is possible and advisable to follow the treatment with a customized therapeutic diet adjustment, nutritional supplements; and the regulation of some habits of life.

The treatment of Oncothermia is compatible and synergizes with other coadjuvant treatments such as AcupunctureFood and Nutrition in cancer, Dietotherapy and Phytotherapy (mistletoe treatment – Iscador), Mindfulness, Vitamin C treatments, or Oxygen Therapy, among others.