Pancreatic cancer

It is a type of cancer that originates in the tissue of the pancreas, an organ located behind the stomach that produces digestive enzymes and hormones such as insulin. This cancer can be difficult to detect in its early stages due to the lack of specific symptoms. Early detection and treatment are critical to improving survival rates and quality of life for patients with pancreatic cancer. Treatment may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapies, depending on the stage and location of the cancer. Oncothermia may be a complementary option to help fight the cancer.

Cáncer de páncreas

Pancreatic cancer in diagnosis

Cáncer de páncreas

After 65 sessions of Oncothermie


Pancreatic cancer (August 2011). Cancer not operable.


68-year-old man


The treatment for this cancer was: 65 sessions of Oncothermie as monotherapie (3 times/week).


Reduction of tumor size. Stable 8 months.


Prof. Dr. Tae Sig Jeung


Department of Oncology, Kosin University Gospel Hospital, South Corea.