The peritoneum is a membrane that covers the inner surface of the abdomen and forms several folds that envelop the viscera. In addition, a fluid, peritoneal fluid, lubricates the surface of this tissue.

Peritoneal cancer is therefore cancer that affects the peritoneal tissue.

The origin of this cancer is usually intra-abdominal tumours, originating from digestive or gynaecological cancers.

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Ensayos clínicos: Oncothermia y Cáncer

Clinical trials: Oncothermia and Cancer.

Oncothermia is an active part of current medical research. There are several Clinical Trials, in patients with cancer, performed in different hospitals around the world.

Clinical trials are a basic tool for the development of drugs and medical devices, in order to improve the current treatment of diseases and develop health tools worldwide. is an internationally recognized web page, where researchers publish the latest clinical trials that are carried out in different hospitals around the world. Oncothermia is present on this website. We will inform you about the latest advances in Oncothermia and Cancer.

Clinical study of Oncothermia applied to a patient with malignant ascites

The clinical study “Oncothermia + intraperitoneal chemotherapy in malignant ascites: Phase II” (Local mEHT * + TCM Versus Intraperitoneal Chemoinfusion in Treatment of Malignant Ascites: Phase II RCT (OTMA-RII) of Prof. Pang, Clifford Hospital, Guangzhou, China) began to include patients in January 2014 and ended in March 2016. The research included two groups of 130 patients. The “experimental group” will be treated with: diet, Chinese herbal medicine and Oncothermia. Instead, the “control group” will be treated with chemotherapy.

We will be attentive to the conclusions of the study!

Clinical trial “Oncothermia + intraperitoneal chemotherapy in malignant ascites: Phase II