Oncothermia treatment compatible with chemotherapy

Sensitize with chemotherapy

Oncothermia is a procedure that involves raising the temperature of part or all of the body to 42ºC to kill cancer cells. Its application allows chemotherapy to be more effective and the overall treatment to be more selectively targeted on the tumour tissue. Oncothermia engages the tumour cell membrane allowing high intracellular concentrations. Positive stage II/III results have established that the synergy of Oncothermia with chemotherapy is a novel clinical modality.

It is a safe and effective treatment in clinical cancer therapy, supported by in vivo, in vitro and human research.

Oncothermia treatment enhances the cytotoxic action of chemotherapy treatment, especially if done just before or just after the chemotherapy session. In addition to helping to combat the toxic side effects of chemotherapy, since it boosts immunity, it reduces fatigue, malaise, vomiting and nausea, and improves the quality of life and well-being of patients. Oncothermia treatment can also be used even if the chemotherapy is palliative.