Clinical case: brain tumor, glioblastoma



A 60-year-old male presented a brain tumor in the left hemisphere in April 2016, showing the biopsy a high-grade glioblastoma multiforme inoperable by size. In July 2016 begins radiotherapy and chemotherapy with temozolamide coinciding with significant clinical worsening, tumor progression and increase in the number of epileptic seizures with more than 7 episodes a day. The patient had a significant decrease in the state of consciousness, total aphasia and right hemiparesis. Given the significant deterioration suffered by the treatment and tumor progression, evicted and without therapeutic options, the family rejects palliative treatment of chemotherapy and decide to perform treatment with oncothermia. In September 2016, she started treatment with oncothermia 60 minutes, 2-3 times / week continuously with some rest periods until March 2018. Throughout the treatment he has shown clinical improvement with improvement of aphasia and coordination. Until March 2018 without tumor progression.